Madison’s First Birthday

Madison’s first birthday passed and I wanted to share a few memorable moments.

I decided to do a mermaid themed party. Since her birthday is in the middle of summer, a mermaid themed party seems to go hand in hand with summer. Before her party, I took the kids to the beach and did a little photo shoot so that I could have a nice picture of her that I could use at her party and that I could also hang on the wall as a memory of her first birthday.

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to craft, so when opportunities arise to make things, I do. I made everything (except the ruffled diaper cover) for the pictures and I love how it all came out. Since the bra was just used as a photo prop, I used real shells as her bikini top, and I think it brought the look all together.

I ended up picking up a used Cricut machine with the express purpose of using it to craft stuff for her party. I made almost all of the decorations as well as the bodysuit we used the day of her party. This was a true DIY/Pinterest party. I had scoured Pinterest for ideas and ran with it

It took time to make it all but you only turn 1 once so for the kids first birthdays, I like to make a big deal out of it.

I did have a lot of fun making everything for the party and because of it, I have decided to sell tutu’s on Etsy. They are a ton of fun to make and the end product is the cutest. I loved seeming my daughter walking around the party in her tutu, and she seemed to have fun with it too.


I kept so many little knick-knacks from her party so I can show her when she’s older. If you notice in the picture above, I have a garland on the table with pictures. Those pictures are the monthly pictures I’ve taken of her strung up. As of right now, I have that put away, but I plan on stringing it up in her room somewhere. I still haven’t figured out where that will be just yet since we’re still trying to organize the kids room to fit both of them in one room, but that’s a matter for another post.

I loved making her tutu so much I’m working on another as part of her Halloween costume.

I’ll be taking special orders for Halloween tutu’s as well, so if you’re interested, please message me through Etsy with what you’re looking for and I will help get you what you need quickly.

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