What a Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this has always been a bit of an emotional holiday for me. I have basically been a “mother” for 10 years because of my stepson, even though as a stepmother, sometimes you just don’t get the recognition you deserve. But, as a biological mother, it’s different because you are placed up on a pedestal, even if mothers and stepmothers perform the same jobs and love just the same way. Either way, as a mother, a stepmother, or any other kind of mother, you never seem to get a break from your job, even if it is a day to celebrate all that you do for those you love the most.

I’ve decided to compile a small list of things Mothers would want for Mother’s Day to help everyone out there pick the perfect gift, whether it’s a physical gift or a thoughtful something that is done just for that special mom in your life, to help significant others show her how appreciated she truly is for all she does.


I’m going right to it! Why? Because I think I’ve gotten flowers once in 10 years. Let me explain why. My husband does not believe in flowers. He thinks it’s a waste. He says they’re expensive during these kinds of holidays and they only last a week at most. They just don’t make any financial sense. Now here’s the thing: the logical part of my mind says, “you know, he’s right”, but my heart says, “I would love a token of appreciation for everything I do, like flowers…”

It’s stupid, I know, but there is something about having flowers delivered to you that just makes you feel like a queen. I don’t know what it is, but it just makes me feel good. If my husband does get me flowers, they’re usually from some guy selling roses on the side of the road for $10 and by the time they get to me, they’re already half dead. That just doesn’t scream “I appreciate you”. I love that he tries, I really, really do, but sometimes I just wish he would splurge for a nice flower arrangement delivered to me.

…and maybe with some chocolates.

Spa Day

As a mom, you spend all your days and nights catering to everyone else that you hardly have time to shower let alone make yourself feel pretty and pampered. This is why we need a spa day! I have not had a mani/pedi since I can remember. I cut my hair not too long ago (and by that, I mean it’s already been a few months, but not a few years) because it was very long and getting in the way of everything, so I chopped it off. I also haven’t had a massage since I was pregnant with Sebastian and was seeing a Chiropractor for back pains. He’ll be 3 soon.

I know I’m not alone in all of this neglect. I know there are plenty of other moms out there that could use a little pampering courtesy of their significant others on a day that is supposed to be a celebration of all they do, and nothing says I love you like “Honey, take the day off, I’ll take the kids and you can go get a massage and get pampered for a few hours.” Granted, this is a bit of a pricey gift and some people can’t afford it, but if you can, get this for your wife! She will love you for it.

A Day Without Having to Parent

Even though it’s Mother’s Day, mothers can’t stop being a mom. What would make a mom happy is if her significant other would take over the reins for her so she could get a break and feel like herself again, even if it’s just for a few hours. Something as simple as being able to cook without a toddler hanging off your leg or trying to steal the spoon you’re using to cook with, or being able to use the bathroom with the door closed and not have kids trying to bang the door down. Give mom a break for a day, or even a few hours. Take up the disciplining, diaper duty, entertainment, catering and everything else that comes with having a child and let mom put her feet up with a mimosa (if she can drink, unlike me) and just let her rest for a day.

Someone Else to Cook & Clean

The very last thing a mom wants to do on Mother’s Day is the same thing she does every day: cook and clean and pick up after everyone. For just one day, clean up for her or better yet, hire someone to come give the house a good cleaning. Unless cooking is a hobby that she really wants to partake in on Mother’s Day, don’t let her cook that day. Cook something special for her or take her out to eat. If she does cook because she genuinely wants to, the least you can do is clean up the kitchen. Mom’s who love to cook, hate the clean up that comes from those special meals, at least I do. Help her rinse and load the dishwasher, or wash the dishes by hand if you don’t have a dishwasher. Wipe down the counters and appliances that got dirty because of that meal she just made for everyone.

In the end, realize that moms do a lot to keep the house running and keep the kids from killing themselves. Give mom a break on Mother’s day and let her enjoy her day and show her how much she is appreciated.

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