My Husband is Home

My husband is home! If you read my last post about Mother’s Day, then you know my husband has been gone for 3 weeks. He was away on business and finally returned this past weekend. The kids couldn’t be more excited, but we only have him for the next week because he needs to leave again for another 3 weeks this weekend so we are going to enjoy him while we can.

My husband works in telecommunications building and repairing phone systems for a major cruise line company. They currently have a few ships that are being renovated and as part of that, they are also upgrading their phone systems on the ships. This means that we’re going to be missing him a lot during these renovations.

This has a lot of pros and cons. The kids missing him while he’s gone is an issue, but then when he gets back, they act up because they’re so excited to have him here.  There’s a slew of temper tantrums from Sebastian about everything having to do with wanting daddy’s attention every second of the day. Then there’s also the sleeping situation, meaning he wants to sleep in bed with us and there just isn’t the room, so it’s basically all four of us in a queen-sized bed. Two kids in the middle and mom and dad hanging off the sides.

But, having dad back takes a lot off of me. It’s a lot of work for me when he’s gone because I just don’t get a day off.  I don’t get any time for myself. I can’t even go to the bathroom on my own because being mom and dad falls on me for 3 weeks. It’s hard to clean the house when the kids want my attention, it’s hard to get work done and be able to think coherently when he’s gone because the kids need me and let me know this all the time, but when he’s here we get to take turns dealing with the misbehavior and the work of parenting. I get to have some off time and do things like go for a bike ride, write, work on my blog, sew, clean the house, etc. I know those are selfish reasons, but honestly, I need to have time for myself too.  Happy wife, happy life, right? Life can’t just be all about the kids. I need to be able to have parts of me, for my sanity. I also need to be able to workout for my health, something I have not been able to do since I got pregnant with Madison and all the complications her pregnancy brought. So, having my husband here is good for my health and my sanity, and I’m so glad he’s back, even if it is just for a week.

 My Husband Is Home

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