6 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping Less Painful

GROCERIES. That word strikes fear in me. It didn’t use to. I used to love walking the aisles of the grocery store with my silly Baby and having all the abuelitas gush over his chunky thighs, his cute giggle, and the curls. Oh, how I loved my son’s golden curls. 

Then he learned to walk and throw tantrums, and then Madison was born. Grocery shopping just became too much of a chore and I stopped being the glowing new mom and became the hot mess mom with screaming kids in tow, so I started looking for new solutions to this problem.  

In walks online shopping

Isn’t that just a beautiful sound? Online. Grocery. Shopping. The following are some that I have used and are seriously lifesavers for me! 

1. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a great service! You go to Amazon, pick out your groceries, schedule a time for them to come, and they will deliver your groceries to your house. There are certain markets they work with. There is a monthly fee ($14.99 for Prime Members) for their service and a delivery fee for orders under $50.

2. Instacart

Instacart is pretty much the same as Amazon Fresh in the sense that you pick what you want online, someone else does the shopping for you and will deliver everything to your house. The difference between the two is that with Instacart the monthly fee is an option. You can either opt to pay a service fee or you can pay for their Instacart Express service, which is $14.99 a month or $149 a year. This service includes unlimited free delivery

3. Walmart Grocery

This is one that I’ve been doing lately, and I have to say I love it! You pick out what you want online, schedule a time and they have curbside delivery for all your items. This means no delivery fee, no tipping, and no extra fees, and during special occasions like holidays or Super Bowl weekend, they have goodie bags of free stuff for you too!

4. Grove Collaborative

Grove is a pretty amazing online store. They sell safe, sustainable household products and personal care items, and they also offer baby and kids versions. I use them on a monthly basis and am a VIP member of their site because I love them that much. They have product subscriptions that you can set to ship on however often you need them. You can change your ship date, say if it doesn’t coincide with payday, you can move it around to make easier on you financially, and they will also send out a text message and email reminding you that your stuff will ship out soon so you can make any necessary changes before your box ships. I truly love them for household products, down to my toothbrushes, because everything is sustainably made and recyclable.


Jet has everything. I can’t stress that enough. They honestly have everything you can ever need and are great for things like diapers, formula, baby gear, etc. The way they work, beyond having sales, is that they offer you choices to bring their costs down and pass the savings to you. So say you want to order diapers. The more diapers you order, the cheaper it will be per box you order. Or they also offer promotions, like right now they have a 20% off select household brands with the code EARTHMONTH, which is valid the entire month of April.

And as an aside, if you use Ebates, which you should use for all your online shopping, you save even more in rebates.

6. eMeals

This is a service I recently found and isn’t so much for groceries, but it is. Bear with me a second. 

So I’m horrible at meal planning.  Seriously horrible because I always want to try new things or new ways of making old things, so I’m constantly on the search for new recipes to spice things up a bit. and then I finally do come up with new recipes for the week, but then getting all the ingredients I need listed out is a disaster and I always, always end up forgetting things. This is where eMeals comes into my life. This site will make your meal plan for you AND will send your shopping list to Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Kroger Clicklist or Walmart Grocery. They have different plans to pick from for as low as $5 per month (if you pay for a yearly subscription in advance) and it can increase from there, You can also add a lunch, breakfast, dessert and occasions menu to your plan for an extra charge for each. Their meal plans are designed to accommodate everyone’s diets. They have weight management plans, family plans, specialty plans like a diabetic plan, Mediterranean, vegan, etc. and they’ve also teamed up with EatingWell, Allrecipes, Paula Deen and Better Homes and Gardens to bring some of their recipes into your plans. You can either print out your shopping list and meal plan from your computer or just use their app for everything. And I have to say, some of their recipes sound like they would be so-so, but are surprisingly amazing! I have decided to stick out to cooking their recipes as is, with the exception of certain ingredients I know are going to flop, like sliced tomatoes on a frittata for my husband. I’ll just leave the tomatoes off one of the portions. I even made a meatless soup that was all kinds of beans and had chunks of tomato, and he gobbled it right up because it was that good (or he lied to me and was that hungry).

eMeals is a big win for me, and the cost of the service is definitely worth it if it saves me from having to fight the kids for some peace to come up with a meal plan and be able to list things out. There’s nothing like having someone else do it for you.

So there you have it! These are all the ways I’ve made grocery shopping less painful for me and have been able to save time and money. I get to spend just that much more time with the kids now that I don’t have to wander grocery aisles aimlessly, and because I do my groceries online, I also don’t end up giving into cravings (mine and/or the kids!) while shopping for necessary food and supplies. 

Do you have a method that works for you to save on time, frustration and money? Please share with us what works for you!

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