We just recently got back from our final Disney World trip before school starts. This is not the first time we’ve been to Disney, nor will it be the last, but this is the first time we’ve gone to Disney in the middle of August and there are a few things I learned.

1) It is really slow in the middle of August. I thought we would have the exact opposite problem, but no. 

2) Don’t listen to people on forums. Why? I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the construction at Caribbean Beach resort which is where I booked because they offered us a great rate and their main pool is phenomenal, and I started to worry because of all the complaints that we were going to have a bad time, but the exact opposite happened. The staff went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable and the construction disruption was minimal, even though it was active.

3) Animal Kingdom is the hottest park of the 4. I’m not entirely sure why, but for some reason, Animal Kingdom just feels sweltering to me. On a positive note, I have learned that I can withstand 90+ degrees weather at Disney World without so much as a sunburn. 

For more on our trip, I decided to put the videos up on my YouTube Channel. They are broken up by day and I currently have the first two days up. I am still editing the last two days, so please subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of when the final 2 videos are up and any other videos.

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