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I don’t normally share blogging tips because i still haven’t gotten my stuff together enough to be an expert at anything. But, I can tell you that as a very busy stay at home mom, there are a few tools I use to cut down on my time and be able to focus on things like writing and my kids without having to stay glued to my computer. 


First, and I’m sure you’ve heard about this everywhere, but Pinterest really is the place to be! Out of all the traffic I get to my blog, the majority of it comes from Pinterest. So, to up my game and drive even more traffic to my blog, I’ve been using Tailwind to schedule pins while I’m taking care of the kids, cleaning house, writing, editing, etc. I just set my schedule, set my pins, and it does all the work for me.  I’ll set aside one day a week to schedule everything for the week and I’m set! I don’t have to worry about Pinterest because it’ll all be taken care of for me.

Tailwind has a free trial that is limited in the amount of pins you can schedule and then for a blogger, it’s $15 a month. If you follow my link and sign up, you will receive the first month free, which includes the ability to use Tribes. Tribes is like using a group board on Pinterest.

Screenshot of Tailwind Insights Dashboard


Loomly takes care of all the rest of my social media postings. Just like Tailwind, you can set your schedule, customize what you want to say. Loomly even finds the accounts you want to tag as you’re entering the username a lot like Facebook does, which is something other social media managers don’t do. There is a a calendar view so you can see your schedule and my favorite part, they also have a mobile app! Since I have to do a lot of my social media postings from my phone because of the kids, that is a lifesaver!

They offer a free 15-day trial to see if it’s a good fit for you, and afterwards the plans start at $15 per month ($12 for annual billing).

Screenshot of Loomly Calendar dashboard
Loomly Calendar view page


Trello has been super important for me. I use Trello as my editorial calendar and the place where I put any research and notes I’ve found. I tried using Evernote, but I needed something more visual than notebooks. Trello places things in cards, so it’s like taking post it notes to a white board and arranging things the way you need so you can visualize exactly what you’re doin. This is perfect for me! It takes all the guesswork out of everything, plus, it includes a calendar “power up” where you can see when everything is due. 

Trello is free to use, but if you want to use more than 1 power-up or integrate with one of many other programs, it starts at $9.99 per month.

Trello Editorail Calendar Board
Trello Editorial Calendar View

If you want to use my Editorial Board, sign up below to receive a savable copy.


This is where my actual writing takes place. It is a simple writing app that keeps the window plain and takes all the distractions away from the screen so you can focus on your writing. I can actually write the whole post in Bear, include pictures, and export in rich text format to insert into Squarespace. And, I get to keep a backup of my writing so if anything should happen with my articles on this site, it’s all right there. 



This is an iOS program, so if you have an Android or Windows phone, it won’t work for you, but for Mac users, it’s great! There is an app for the iPad, iPhone and Mac, so everything you write syncs perfectly to each device you own. And since it’s kept on their cloud server, you don’t have to worry about exporting anything. It’s all right there the moment you open the app.

Bear also has a lot of information on your post like words written, time it takes to read, etc, and you can open and close sidebars however you want. If you just want the writing screen, you can do that, or if you want to keep the list of “notes” open, you can and you can also tag your work to easily find it later.

This really is a great and powerful writing up and yet, it’s so simple.

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy helps me keep track of everything on my YouTube channel. It helps me optimize my videos and keeps track of analytics. It reminds me to share across social media and lets me know how many times it’s been shared. It also helps me monetize through MagicLinks, which adds links in the description of my videos to products and I can earn money through those affiliate links. I am still learning things about this software, but so far, it has been great for me as a YouTube creator. I am able to create templates for things like the end screen and it also includes a checklist of things to do before publishing so I never forget a thing. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with YouTube so you don’t even have to leave YouTube to work on your content.

TubeBuddy Dashboard Screenshot


Canva is amazing for images. It helps me find stock photos and edit all the images I use for posts. What I like best is that it takes all the guess work out of what sizes are best for any given situation. Plus, it helps me maintain my logos, brand fonts and colors so I can keep everything consistent throughout and it saves all the images I’ve made. This was essential for me when I had an issue with my hosting company and lost all my work. I hadn’t backed up in a while, so there was work I hadn’t saved and I had to recreate my articles from drafts I had saved and the images I made on Canva. If it hadn’t been for that, it would have all been lost. 

Canva dashboard
Canva template view

Like It All

Like it all helps me with marketing my Instagram. This Chrome extension basically “likes” Instagram posts from Facebook or Telegram groups for me without having to manually do it myself. This is seriously an Instagram engagement lifesaver! For $10 a month, I get more time with the kids, more time to write, more time to manage my house, etc. As important as engagement is, it is very time consuming and I just don’t have enough time for everything.


I use buffer mainly to post to Instagram from Loomly. Loomly does not directly post to Instagram, but it can send it to Buffer and Buffer takes care of it. It’s a bit of a work around, but it works. This is also a way for me to keep all my social media postings (except for Pinterest) in one place on Loomly and be able to see my analytics from there.

I use these tools all the time and they are helping me grow my blog and be able to get work done without taking time away from my kids, which allows me to focus more on writing and video editing when I do have time to spare. The best part is that most of these are free to use or have a limited free to use account, with an “if you want something more powerful” subscription option.

Is there anything you use as a blogger to help you save time? Share it with me in a comment!