Family on ride at theme park

This blog was created in 2013 a few months after the birth of Sebastian. I wanted a way to reach out to other moms and share with them my experiences as a first-time mother in my late 30’s. This sites original name was Adventures with a Silly Baby because I wanted to document my journey through motherhood with a child that has lived up to the name of the blog. He is the silliest kid I know.

Since then, it has evolved to include not only a second child and the challenges that being a stay at home mom of 2 kids brings, but one in which I learned how to travel with two young children.

Since the blog was created, we have gone on numerous cruises, traveled to Disney World Resorts as annual passholders over a dozen times, driven (and cycled) to the very tip of Florida, and flown to Washington, DC.

There is still a lot of traveling left to do! So be sure to follow along with us while we explore parenthood and traveling with children.