Decorating my home with Photowall

I love being able to fix up my home. I’ve been adding decorative items lately like recently when Sebastian started school, I created a command center in a central area of my home so we can all see what is going on and not miss any important events. I’ve also been framing and putting up pictures of the kids. For me, this is the easiest way to spruce up your home and make it feel more cozy space without investing thousands in a total redo. So when I was recently approached by, it seemed like a no brainer to me to have something printed up for the home.

Madison’s First Birthday

Madison’s first birthday passed and I wanted to share a few memorable moments.

I decided to do a mermaid themed party. Since her birthday is in the middle of summer, a mermaid themed party seems to go hand in hand with summer. Before her party, I took the kids to the beach and did a little photo shoot so that I could have a nice picture of her that I could use at her party and that I could also hang on the wall as a memory of her first birthday.

Hurricane Evacuation Cruise

The kids and I have been on our hurricane Evacuation cruise ship for three days. It has been pretty nice for us but had taken some adjustments on all our parts. Friday (day 1) was a bit of a crazy day. Since this is a very special sailing with mostly Royal Caribbean employees and some back-to-back sailing customers, the main concern during check-in was to get everyone onboard and get out before the weather got bad. That means that actually getting our room assignment was chaos. We were given a paper, handwritten boarding pass and it was left up to the ships guest services to get everyone their room keys and room assignments. This process took all day and being alone with two kids 4 and under, trying to explain to them that we have to wait for our room keys for hours on end, in a huge long line, was not a fun experience. Once that was settled everything went a lot smoother.

Today I am Leaving my House

My heart is breaking. Today I am leaving my house with my 2 kids and I don’t know when I will come back or what I’ll come back to, if anything. I know that’s a bit pessimistic and some might say dramatic, but anything is possible when it comes to a storm of this magnitude.

I am a Miami native. I was born here and I’ve lived here basically my entire life. I survived Hurricane Andrew in 1992 when I was 16 years old. My area did not get hit as hard as the Homestead area did but there was still a lot of damage in my neighborhood.