Playing Catch-Up

I absolutely abhor how badly I have abandoned my blog but life has been non-stop for me! I didn’t think adding a child to our family would be this hectic. I knew it would be busy to a point, but I didn’t realize that taking care of two kids under 4 would require everything from me every moment of every day to the point that I don’t even have time to write my thoughts down. So now here I am trying to play catch-up with everything.

Fall Fun Family Activities

This past weekend my family went to our local pumpkin Patch for a little fun. The Coconut Grove annual Pumpkin Patch festival always has a bunch of activities and fun for kids along with the ability to purchase and decorate your pumpkin, along with decorating a scarecrow, carnival rides and food. They also have a corn maze and an area where you can take your fall pictures of the family and kids.