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My No-Fail Packing List for Cruising with Kids

I have been on a lot of cruises over the past 7 years. Our first cruise was our honeymoon cruise in 2011. We took a January Eastern Caribbean cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines Epic. We sail at least one sailing a year, sometimes 2 because this is the best way we can think of to truly get a vacation with your kids and still feel like you're on vacation.  The amenities on board for kids to do without parents are great and since it's a part of their service (except for babysitting) you're not paying extra just for your kids to be entertained while you're getting a massage or having a nice dinner with your significant other.

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A Mother's Day Letter for my Husband

Dear Husband, Since you have been gone the past 3 weeks and are going to be gone the next 3 weeks, essentially missing Mother's Day altogether, I have a couple not so subtle hints as to what I would like for Mother's Day. Since my previous post about Mother's Day gifts didn't pan out and most wouldn't be possible anyway, I thought it would be easier if I were a little blunter as to what I would like for Mother's Day.

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6 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping Less Painful

GROCERIES. That word strikes fear in me. It didn’t use to. I used to love walking the aisles of the grocery store with my silly Baby and having all the abuelitas gush over his chunky thighs, his cute giggle, and the curls. Oh, how I loved my son's golden curls. 

Then he learned to walk and throw tantrums…

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