Little things That Led to an Emotional Weekend

This has been an emotional weekend for me. It all started Friday. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I got my sons haircut Friday morning. My son always had these amazing curls in his hair. I was terrified of getting his haircut because I didn’t want to lose those gorgeous curls of his. The last time I got his hair trimmed, a lot of the curls disappeared. There was still a bit of curl at the ends of his hair, but the real curls, the curls I loved were gone, I just didn’t want to admit it yet.

Anxiety About How to Raise My Daughter

I have been having some anxiety about how to raise my daughter. I didn’t have this kind of anxiety with my son, because the truth is, he was born into a privileged gender. I do worry about what kind of man he will be and I try to teach him independence and to foster a love of education and a respect for women, but as a woman, I know that raising a girl is so much more different. Not only do I have to foster these same traits into her, I also have to worry about body image issues and harassment.

Dear Woman at the Checkout Line

Dear Woman at the Checkout Line, I wanted to thank you for your understanding. My toddler has been having a day; a week actually. See, he’s been sick and as smart as he is, he is not yet as verbal as he would like to be so he throws epic tantrums when he does not get what he wants – whatever that may be. You lovingly tried to talk him off the edge and it didn’t work.