A Mother’s Day Letter for my Husband

Dear Husband, Since you have been gone the past 3 weeks and are going to be gone the next 3 weeks, essentially missing Mother’s Day altogether, I have a couple not so subtle hints as to what I would like for Mother’s Day. Since my previous post about Mother’s Day gifts didn’t pan out and most wouldn’t be possible anyway, I thought it would be easier if I were a little blunter as to what I would like for Mother’s Day.

5 Tips to do Nebulizer Treatments on Infants

Dealing with a sick baby can be hard. It can be even harder when you have to give nebulizer treatments. I’ve had to do these twice already with Sebastian and he is not a fan. Since we’re in the middle of cold/flu season and everyone seems to be getting sick lately, I thought I would share a few things I’ve learned while giving the baby these treatments.  Of course, if you’re concerned about anything, contact your doctor and make sure it’s ok.

Kyan’s Kause

My Silly Baby has been attending swim classes since he was 7 months old at Ocaquatics.  Since I live in South Florida I think it’s very important because there are way too many bodies of water around and I wanted to make sure should something happen that my child has enough knowledge of what to do to give him a fighting chance should he fall in.  When I first started looking for places to enroll the baby, I came across an organization that offers scholarships called Kyan’s Kause.  They were actually highly recommended to me by mom’s on mom’s groups I belong to, so I decided to check them out.