Disclaimer: I received the canvas in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

I love being able to fix up my home. I’ve been adding decorative items lately like recently when Sebastian started school, I created a command center in a central area of my home so we can all see what is going on and not miss any important events. I’ve also been framing and putting up pictures of the kids. For me, this is the easiest way to spruce up your home and make it feel more cozy space without investing thousands in a total redo. So when I was recently approached by Photowall.com, it seemed like a no brainer to me to have something printed up for the home.

Photowall is a Swedish company that prints wall paper or canvas in the prints of your choice. They have stock images you can use or you can upload your own. All their products takes the environment into consideration. They only produce what they need for a minimal amount of waste and their inks contain no solvents or hazardous materials and is biodegradable. Any waste they do have is recycled and they also work closely with Vi Agroforestry and plant about 5000 trees a year in the Lake Victoria area in Eastern Africa. This is a company I can get behind solely based on their green ethics. It also helps that their products are gorgeous!

I had one image of the kids that I wanted to blow up and frame and I did just that. Their product came in a rolled canvas with a frame that I had to put together. It took just a few minutes and was very easy to do.

I set up my work area (a clean, cleared off table) and got to assembling my canvas.

Each one of the wooden frame pieces had adhesive on it. Basically, you roll the canvas out, expose the adhesive on the wood pieces, lay the wood adhesive side down on the edge of the canvas, fold in the corners, and screw the metal brackets on while straightening everything out and you’re done!

It was a lot easier than I expected it to be and the assembled product is amazing.

Mounting it on the wall was also super easy. Included in the package came a hangin bracket with 2 anchors and 2 screws.

You mount the bracket so it sits like a shelf on the wall. Screw one screw into the top of the hole, level the bracket and screw the 2nd screw to the bottom of the hole and mount the frame so the little lip rests against the canvas. It takes all of 5-10 minutes to do this and the results are a canvas that’s always straight.

The only problems I ran into were that the instructions to put the canvas together were not included in the shipment. It was all pretty self explanatory, but there was a bit of trial and error when it came to figuring out the sequence of things and what to do with the corners. It didn’t occur to me until after to check the website for instructions on how to put it together. Once I did that everything went smoothly. A note to check the website for assembly instructions should be included in the packaging just so dodo heads like me don’t start assembling things guessing at how it should all go together. Other than that the whole experience was wonderful and I couldn’t be happier with how this looks in my family room.

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 Decorating my home with Photowall