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Fall Fun Family Activities

This past weekend my family went to our local pumpkin Patch for a little fun. The Coconut Grove annual Pumpkin Patch festival always has a bunch of activities and fun for kids along with the ability to purchase and decorate your pumpkin, along with decorating a scarecrow, carnival rides and food. They also have a corn maze and an area where you can take your fall pictures of the family and kids. 

We then took our pumpkin home to carve. The next day, we went to Target to pick up our pumpkin carving kit. Sebastian picked out a Paw Patrol kit and decided he wanted Marshall carved on the pumpkin. Of course since he’s 3, this was my job to do, not that he didn’t try to do it himself. I did allow him to use the scooper and scoop the insides out. He did it once, felt the squishy insides and declared himself done. Of course, I took pictures of the process and not the end product and being that it’s still bey hot here in South Florida, my pumpkin doesn’t look as good as it did, so I’ll spare you the picture of my now scary looking pumpkin. 

We also decorated the house a bit for Halloween, which consisted of a few $1 bin cling stickers from Target and putting together some quick diy crafts and sticking it to our front windows. Quick and  cheap since it’s all coming down November 1st anyways.  

 Fall Fun Family Activities

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