A friend of mine has just endured the most horrible tragedy imaginable – the loss of his almost 2-year-old granddaughter. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet his granddaughter and that has been bothering me because he really wanted to connect me with his daughter and have Silly Baby meet and play with his granddaughter.

Beyond the horrible guilt I feel for not having the opportunity to meet her, this tragedy hits really close to home because his granddaughter was just a month younger than my child. It was a tragic accident that took her life and it has me rethinking how I care for my child on a day to day basis and if my house is adequately childproofed. I did not sleep well last night because this family has been in my thoughts and I’ve been in tears since I heard the news.

Hug your children tightly tonight everyone.  Love them, care for them, cherish them.  Life truly is short and fleeting. And please, keep this family in your thoughts.  They need all the support and love they can get right now.

Also, if you are financially able, a friend of their’s started a fund in her memory to offset the costs of the funeral expenses. If you can, please help this family out.


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