Shopping with kids is not easy, especially with two young kids. Here I offer 5 tips for how to shop when you have young ones.

  1. Don’t procrastinate gift shopping.

  2. If you do procrastinate, don’t take the kids with you.

  3. If you have no choice but to take the kids, don’t go to Target.

  4. If you go to Target with the kids, don’t take them when they’re tired and hungry and don’t by any means pass by any toys, candy, kids clothes…

  5. Better yet, do yourself a favor and don’t go to Target because it’s like they’re conspiring against you with toys and candy everywhere!

This was me Saturday trying to do some last minute Father’s Day shopping. There was a few things I needed to get and the kids were like little crazy people making me look like the hottest mess out there. I just needed a few thing, which in Target speak is always about 20 things more than you actually needed, and taking kids with you increases that tenfold.

So as soon as we pulled in, my son started asking for me to buy him toys. I tried to avoid the toy section but I needed some stuff from the baby section and he saw the toy aisles and nearly sprinted for the toys. I ended up having to buy him a little something just so I can get my shopping done. Unfortunately though that one toy wasn’t enough. He wanted to get more and claimed it was his sister who really wanted it. I would tell him no and a tantrum would ensue. Meanwhile my daughter is trying to Houdini herself out of the shopping cart and is diving on me. So I have one screaming because I won’t spend all our money on toys he doesn’t need and the other is trying to kill herself while diving off the shopping cart and I’m trying to keep my cool (and both kids alive) while everyone in the store is staring at me.

I am setting reminders so I can buy online a month ahead of time and never go through that again.

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