Kyan’s Kause

My Silly Baby has been attending swim classes since he was 7 months old at Ocaquatics.  Since I live in South Florida I think it’s very important because there are way too many bodies of water around and I wanted to make sure should something happen that my child has enough knowledge of what to do to give him a fighting chance should he fall in.  When I first started looking for places to enroll the baby, I came across an organization that offers scholarships called Kyan’s Kause.  They were actually highly recommended to me by mom’s on mom’s groups I belong to, so I decided to check them out. This organization decided to turn a horrible tragedy into a great non-profit.  Kyan was a little 2 year old boy who tragically died in the family swimming pool.  The family decided that they did not want another family to suffer the tragedy they did and started Kyan’s Kause where they offer scholarships for swim classes as well as perform community outreach through their iSwim program to get kids and parents the resources they need to be safe in and around water.

I filled out an application a few months ago, actually when Silly Baby was 7 months old, and I was just recently approved.  This couldn’t have come at a better time because with the holiday season just around the corner and since I am a stay at home mom, the loss of income has been hard on our family, so organizations like this one help tremendously.  Since they are a small non-profit, they only approve applications about once a year, when they acquire the funds needed to be able to give.  I would highly suggest to anyone out there who is looking for an organization to give as part of their yearly charitable giving, to please give to Kyan’s Kause so they can continue their mission in the name of their little angel.  I can’t think of a better organization with a better mission who is in great need of the help.  If you can’t help, at least help spread the word by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter or Instagram or writing your own post on them. It’s small organizations like this one that need our help the most.

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  1. Hello, I am Kyan’s Dad and wish to thank you for the post. It is stories like this that make our efforts worth taking.
    God Bless

    1. JC, Thank you so much for commenting. You’re organization has helped me and Silly Baby at a time when we needed the help and I know others who have received your scholarship. Thank you for being there and for helping so many kids.

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