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It has been nearly nonstop raining here this past week. We received a day or two reprieves from the rain midweek, but as of Friday, the rain started again and has not stopped. There is some kind of tropical disturbance which has led to a lot of rain in Miami. Because of this, the kids are suffering from cabin fever and I had to find creative ways to entertain them.

What I decided to do was to set up a “drive-in” movie day. I have a fun firetruck tent that has a mesh front windshield so I opened that up, we popped some popcorn using some Malaysian palm oil, we set up with some pillows and blankets in the tent and watched How to Train Your Dragon.

Why Malaysian Palm Oil?

I learned that Palm oil is a healthy replacement for hydrogenated oil because it’s free of trans fat and rich in nutrients. Red palm oil has a rich red color because it’s rich in vitamin E and has more carotene than tomatoes and carrots. Basically, it contains the good fat that we need and it has natural antioxidants that are good for our bodies. Plus, it is also non-GMO.

Palm oil is produced from the fruit of a special species of palm tree. One fruit can produce two different types of oils, palm oil from the flesh and palm kernel oil from the seed. Palm oil is used for cooking purposes, “due to its consistency neutral taste, high oxidative stability and ability to withstand high temperature during frying.” Palm kernel oil is used mainly for non-food production as in beauty products and soaps.

Malaysian palm oil is cultivated using sustainable practicesSince the oil is derived from the fruit of the tree, the same tree can produce fruit over and over without having to clear and replant every year as you have to do with vegetable oil, sunflower oils, and rapeseed. With the right practices, it is environmentally friendly in that one acre of palm can produce 11 times more oil than an acre of soybean and the palm has a productive lifespan of between 25-30. 

So why Malaysian oil instead of oil produced in Latin American countries? Malaysia was the first country to produce sustainable oil and is committed with its nationwide Malaysian Sustainable Oil (MSPO) certification program, so much so that by the end of 2019 they plan on having 100% of its palm oil MSPO certified.

As part of the day, I did through in a fun learning experience for the kids where they got to watch the popcorn pop. Instead of using microwaveable popcorn, I did whole kernel popcorn on the stove top using the Palm Oil. It had been a while since I made popcorn using this method, and I’m so glad I did because the look on the kids faces when they watched the kernels pop was priceless! They really enjoyed the method and the end product and what made it all better for me was that it was a healthy snack made using healthy methods. I used the palm oil and didn’t drown the popcorn in butter and salt. I just added a bit of salt to it and the palm oil and natural flavor of the popcorn did the rest. It was perfect for a movie and snuggle fest with my two kids.

If you would like to learn more about palm oil, please visit the Malaysian Palm Oil website at http://palmoilhealth.org. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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