The Mom

I'm Lissette! I'm a 40-something stay at home mom from South Florida. When I have any kind of spare time, I also like to craft - particularly knitting, even though that hasn't happened for a while.


The Dad

This is David. I have been with my husband since 2005 and we've been married since 2011. He is an amazing, supportive, hard working man and a great father. Together, we helped raise his now 17 year old son and "started over again" with Silly Baby. This is as much an adventure for him as it is for me.


The Silly Babies

The Silly Babies are my son Sebastian, who is an amazing school-aged little boy. He is super active and loves to get into everything! I may be biased here, but this boy is the smartest, cutest, funnest, and silliest little thing in the world.

Madison is my rambuctious little monkey. She is constantly chasing her older brother and thinks she's much older than she is. When she's not chasing her big brother around the house, she's climbing on every piece of furniture we own or comes to just cuddle with us.

These kids definitely keep us on our toes and make our life truly amazing, in between picking up after them and the never-ending laundry we have to do.

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The Blog

I plan to write about daily life with my kids, my personal thoughts on motherhood, the creative process in making the items for the boutique and our family adventures. I love trying out knew things, so please contact me for an honest product reviews.

Be a part of the village as I share what motherhood and family life is for me and follow along on our family travels. Since I am a one-woman show, I appreciate every subscriber and contributor. Follow along. https://goo.gl/ar2erC