Personal Thoughts

Personal Thoughts

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Unspectacular 40th Celebration

Unspectacular 40th Celebration

I made it! I made it to 40! I previously spoke about this day coming and the day came and went with very little fanfare. I thought I would get to 40 and there would be this big to-do. I thought my family and friends would get together and throw me a big party (a surprise party maybe) and celebrate the fact that I’ve been on this Earth for 40 years. That I was not murdered, maimed, or otherwise met my demise by any means. I somehow made it to 40 in a very unspectacular way leading a fairly average life.


A friend of mine has just endured the most horrible tragedy imaginable – the loss of his almost 2-year-old granddaughter. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet his granddaughter and that has been bothering me because he really wanted to connect me with his...



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