My son just had his preschool graduation last week and he was such a proud preschool graduate! He was truly beaming and I was saddened by the whole thing because my little boy is growing up. He always, tells me, “But mama! Everyone grows up and gets bigger! I have to get bigger too!” and I always tell him, “I know, but I don’t want you to grow up so fast!” It really does seem like time is just passing us by and it’s all happening a little too quickly for me.

When the first day of school came, he walked out our front door wearing his uniform and with his bookbag on. We drove him to school and walked him through the hallways to his classroom. We met his teacher and exchanged courtesies. The whole way to school he looked so scared. This was an all new experience for him and as excited as he was to start school, you could tell he was worried about what would happen. We walked into his class and the fear instantly turned into excitement. He looked around at how the classroom was set up and at all the activities they would have for him to partake in and he started to beam again. We went to the tables and found his name at the table. I showed him his name and he was excited that his name was in a tree. “Look mom, I’m the tree, no one else has a tree!” That made him feel special.

He started meeting his classmates and asking their names. They started talking about all the different icons that were used to identify the children’s place at the tables; who was the animal, who was the plant, etc. It came time for the parents to leave and I left knowing he was excited about the classroom and the friends he would make.

When we picked him up that first day, he was all smiles and excited. He told us about his day and what his schedule would be like. He told us how he got to play with some of the different toys and how he made friends with some of his classmates. Going to school was awesome! 

For the first two days, I got to walk him right up to his classroom door, give him a kiss goodbye and I would leave. He was happy I got to do that and when I would turn around to leave, he was all smiles. On day three though, they would not allow me to walk him straight to his classroom. I was allowed to walk him to a point in the foyer of the school and at that point, the safety patrols would walk him to his class. That was a big problem because he had already gotten used to me walking him to his classroom so he started crying and throwing a tantrum in the foyer begging me to walk him to class. That happened for two days. On the second day, school security physically carried him to his classroom and that behavior stopped from that moment on. He realized they meant business at school and no amount of tantrum throwing would change their mind.

The school year went great for him. He would come home and tell me about all he learned and the friends he made. We would gossip about who did what in class or I would have to talk to him about his behavior. For the most part, it was fun for him. 

Now the school year is over and I’m reminiscing about all the milestones he overcame this school year. He went from being a little boy that stayed at home with mom all day, to a big boy at school making friends, learning and being social with his peers.

My little boy is growing up faster than what I’m comfortable with and his preschool graduation was that moment that showed me just how big he’s getting and how he is no longer my silly little baby but is my big silly boy.

Did you have a Preschool Graduate recently too? Please share your experiences with me in the comments below.

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