Hurricane Evacuation Cruise

The kids and I have been on our hurricane Evacuation cruise ship for three days. It has been pretty nice for us but had taken some adjustments on all our parts. Friday (day 1) was a bit of a crazy day. Since this is a very special sailing with mostly Royal Caribbean employees and some back-to-back sailing customers, the main concern during check-in was to get everyone onboard and get out before the weather got bad. That means that actually getting our room assignment was chaos. We were given a paper, handwritten boarding pass and it was left up to the ships guest services to get everyone their room keys and room assignments. This process took all day and being alone with two kids 4 and under, trying to explain to them that we have to wait for our room keys for hours on end, in a huge long line, was not a fun experience. Once that was settled everything went a lot smoother.