Today I bought my son a pink toothbrush.  I want to say that I did it to further some feminist cause, that I want to dispel the gender stereotypes in the world and teach my son that boys and girls are equal and boys can like pink too, but really it’s because I am sick with the flu, I had to go to the store anyway because Silly Baby is also sick with the flu and I needed to get him some Vick’s Vapopads for his plugin so he can breathe when he sleep so I figured I would pick up a new toothbrush for him since he was due for one anyway.  In the store it looked red, but once I got it home, opened it, cleaned it, and put it in it’s storage place, I realized it was pink.  Am I going to go back to the store to return a $3 toothbrush simply because it’s pink and heaven forbid my son use something pink?  No, but through this situation I’ve realized that I need to work on my own inert gender stereotypes that would lead me to even consider going back to a store to return a pink toothbrush for a boy while I’m dying with the flu.
It’s also made me realize my kid has way too many blue items.