Travel Advisor: Free Help for outstanding family vacations

As you all know, I love to travel. I love to see new things and visit new places. I have a deep love of nature and the arts. Because of this, I decided to make a business of it. I have been working behind the scenes for a few months now to become a travel advisor and I finally made it!

Continually Learning

There is a lot of learning involved in becoming a travel advisor. The main thing is learning about all the different products that are out there. I have decided to make my travel business an extension of the blog and specialize in family travel. I understand what goes into planning a trip for a family. When you start considering itineraries, you think about where you will go where both you and the kids will have fun. I also understand the desire to have family time and individual time and how involved it can be to plan.

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Being able to help you plan a trip for your family would be a joy to me. I want to be able to give you more time with your kids and help you have memorable experiences with them.  I have very fond memories of trips I took with my family when I was a kid. Things like Disney vacations for birthdays and camping in the mountains. These are cherished memories for me and I want to help you create those memories for your kids.

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The Specifics

So because the new business is an extension of the blog, I have decided to call it SB (Silly Babies) Family Travels. I thought I would keep it short, so I named it SB. Please check out my site at I am currently specializing in all things Disney and cruises. I have also found amazing deals on tours in Scotland, Ireland, and Italy and I will be training with more suppliers.

Here’s the thing about going through a travel advisor; unless they’re making a highly specialized itinerary for you, it won’t cost you more. On the contrary, many times travel advisors receive special rates to save you money. When I book a trip for you, I’m not going to charge you any more than what you would pay going through the company(ies). You tell me your ideas and I will do all the work for you. The company(ies) then turn around and give me a commission for booking your trip. I get to help your family out and by extension, you also help my family out.

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