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Ways to Have Safe Fun at the Beach

In many ways I am very lucky to live in Miami. The year-round warm weather is great for going to the beach and having fun – even if you don’t go in the water. There is always plenty of fun things to do at the beach and my kids love to go. This past weekend, I decided to have a little girls trip to the beach so we could have some time to ourselves. She had always been a bit wary of getting in the water. I’m guessing the vastness of it scared her because she loves jumping into the pool. I helped guide her into the water this time and once she realized that it wasn’t so deep and scary, she couldn’t get enough of it.

Safe Fun at the Beach

There are plenty of choice beaches in Miami. For little kids, I prefer to take them to Matheson Hammock Park because of how protected the beach is. The beach is actually an atoll, so it is surrounded from harsh surf and waves, as well as riptides. I can let my kids play in the water knowing they will be safe. There are also lifeguards at every corner of this small atoll keeping a close eye on everyone in the water. Plus, this beach is full of kids and parents all with the same thought in mind: keeping their kids safe.

Another beach that is similar in Miami is Homestead Bayfront Park. This is a bit south for me, so I prefer to visit Mattheson. From the few times I have visited Homestead Bayfront Park, it also had families there and it was not as busy as Mattheson.

Keeping the sand at the Beach

After all the fun we had playing in the sand and water, there are a few things that I do to help keep the sand off of her and out of my car.

  1. Rinse off well with fresh water. Most beaches have a place to rinse off the salt water and sand. This helps get most of the sand off and helps rinse the salt water out of your hair and suit. With little kids, they get sand in all their little creases from rolling around in the sand the way they do. They spent most of the sitting on the sand playing, whether in the water or on the shore, so the sand can get in all kinds of places. I make sure to pull their suit away from their bodies and rinse inside the suit. It’s not perfect, but it helps some.
  2. Use a good towel. I was sent a new towel from *Tesalate. This towel uses new technology to make it sand-free, absorbent and it dries rapidly. So I grabbed this towel to test it with my Madison. After having my sandy, wet toddler all over the towel on the beach, when I took it back to the car, it was dry and sand free. I was pretty amazed! I have never seen a towel that can do this in all my years of visiting the beaches! After I rinsed off Madison, I took her back to the truck, took off her suit, and dried her really good with the towel before getting her dressed to go.
  3. Use baby powder. Another amazing trick is to keep a bottle of baby powder in the car. Sand sticks to wet skin and baby powder eliminates wetness. If you put a bit of baby powder on your hand and then run it down your child’s body, the sand will fall off. It’s amazingly quick and leaves them smelling yummy.

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